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Video premiere: The Shondes’ ‘On Your Side’
by Whitney Matheson


The Shondes will give you faith in the current music scene. When I first heard them several years ago, I felt reassured to know smart punk bands were still out there, blending their passions for activism and bombastic sounds.

Today I’m debuting The Shondes’ video for On Your Side. I asked singer/bassist Louisa Solomon about its meaning, which is something that hits close to home for me:

“I wrote this song thinking about what it feels like to care very deeply for people suffering from depression, trying to support them, and honestly experiencing frustration at times, wishing so badly that I could break through the contained, hopeless space they feel stuck in,” she says.

“That’s where the line ‘punch a hole into the sky’ comes from. Sometimes you can just see so clearly how a person’s world has shrunk down, and you want so much to break open their false sky and let some sunshine in. Of course, that’s not how living with depression really works. But it’s a real feeling.”

Take a look:

I mentioned to Solomon how it seems some writers have struggled to describe the band’s sound. (A few recent reviews even invoke the phrase “riot grrrl,” which is a term from 20 years ago.)

“When people ask me about our music, I just say we are a rock band,” she says. “If they want more detail, I say that I’m the singer, we have a violinist instead of a lead guitarist and my biggest musical inspirations are Bruce Springsteen, feminist punk and soul, but we are really just a rock band.”

The Shondes’ new record, The Garden, is on sale now. Learn more about them at and