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About booking us:
We try to play venues and events that are rooted in communities. We want to look for ways to support communities that are engaged in social justice work, and for our shows to be as safe as possible for everyone. To that end, we prefer to play venues that value accessibility and fighting oppression throughout the process of organizing shows — from the booking itself through the night of the show.

We ask that you consider this list of questions we try to take into account:

  • Does the venue/organizing body actively and explicitly oppose systems of oppression — including racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and more — and seek to openly discuss and resist their impact?
  • Does the venue/organizing body have a policy about how to handle oppressive behavior, including microaggressions, harassment and assault?
  • Is the space accessible to people with various disabilities? Is there a clear explanation of the venue’s accessibility and lack thereof?
  • Does the venue serve the community it is located in, or does it primarily engage and draw audiences from elsewhere? Does it contribute to the active gentrification of its neighborhood?

Feel free to contact us to discuss any of this further! We welcome your questions and contributions. Thank you!

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