The Garden


  1. The Garden
  2. Nothing More Whole Than a Broken Heart
  3. Nights Like These
  4. On Your Side
  5. Running Out of Time
  6. Light Me Up
  7. Dr. Manhattan
  8. Sing For You
  9. Follow The Storm
  10. Running in My Sleep
  11. The Promise

The Shondes’ fourth album The Garden was released September 17, 2013 on independent record label Exotic Fever, and dubbed “nothing short of incendiary” by bestselling Bruce Springsteen biographer Peter Ames Carlin.

From it’s explosive opening violin line, The Garden demands your full attention with a rhetorical challenge that makes you want to hold your head a little higher: “Who told you to give up on the garden?” Loss, recover, survival and hope take center stage in the title track, and then wind their through all 11 songs in this defiant collection. Thematically grandiose? A bit. But disarmingly genuine at the same time, as in the hallmark of this band that has honed an uncanny ability to write inspirational anthems with a sense of humor that keeps them believable. Indie rock irony is finally dead and The Shondes offer a potent alternative. Rousing and raucous, sincere and spirited, this is what happens when the legacies of Bikini Kill and Bruce Springsteen join forces in Brooklyn’s hardest-working band.